Begin Your Day With One Of Our Specialty Handcrafted Coffees

Awaken your senses with a flavorful cup of energizing coffee from Bushwick Grind. Our traditional third wave coffee shop and cafe offer handcrafted coffees, teas, and specialty toast. Located in Brooklyn, New York, we are proud to use local and natural ingredients in our food and beverages.

Not Just a Cup of Coffee, But an Art Form

At our restaurant, we use only the best coffee beans from Counter Culture Coffee Roasters™. This national coffee roaster has built a sustainable business with local coffee farmers all over the world. They believe in sustainable procurement so that farmers receive a fair wage for their products and hard work.

Providing only the best for our customers, we constantly are sending out our baristas to their Soho training facility in order to perfect their techniques as well as their latte art.

Bushwick Grind Woman Drinking Coffee

Bushwick Grind Apron

Perfecting Each and Every One Of Our Ingredients

We offer both a cold brew method as well as a hand brew pour-over method for our hot coffee. These techniques result in a more concentrated, bold cup of coffee. The 50-gallon premium water filtration system helps to perfect our energizing cups of coffee by eliminating any contaminated water which could affect the taste. We take into account every detail when it comes to the taste of our coffee. Even the ice we use consists of this filtered water.

Try Our Sweet and Savory Coffees

Explore the world of coffee with us by trying each and every type of energizing drink our restaurant has to offer. Our espressos are made from a Guatemalan blend. This mouth-watering blend picks up the nut and caramel flavors in the coffee bean. Our cold brew is created with coffee that has a twist of fruity milk chocolate undertones. The filtered coffee has hints of nutty flavor behind each sip and is a sweet and light drink for a quick morning pick-me-up.