Join Us for a Relaxing Experience At Our Cafe

Bushwick Grind in Brooklyn, New York, is the perfect spot for a cozy day of sipping coffee or a fun night out with friends and family with Wi-Fi available. The earthy tones of our cafe are enhanced by the magnificent floor to ceiling mural inspired by Ernie Barnes. Outside, we have a patio and park bench that are adjacent to a vintage record player. Our cafe's artistic elements and friendly baristas make for a peaceful daytime experience and lively place to host your night time gatherings.

You Are Welcome In Just As You Are

Come in from the street dressed as you are, our relaxed cafe atmosphere is perfect for casual dining. In front of our cafe is on-street parking for you and your family. Our waiters are happy to serve the tables we have available which provide seating for up to 17 people. When our cafe is packed we are happy to place your order to go so you can still enjoy our healthy and flavorful meals.

Catering Your Upcoming Events

When planning your next special event think of our cafe. Our team is happy to cater personal and corporate events for large groups. You will get to share your favorite items from our breakfast or lunch menu with the people who you spend most of your time with.

Menu Board

Join Us for Our Special Events

Spend a fun night at our restaurant, meeting new people and listening to live music. Every Saturday we host bands or a special event for you to enjoy. Events such as our Digging into Crates are especially fun for those who are new in town. On this night, we encourage you to bring your favorite vinyl albums for us to play. We encourage customers to participate in our vinyl swap in order to let other record lovers get a taste of new artists.